WalkieFleet 5.5 Release

WalkieFleet 5.5 Release

Walkie Labs is happy to announce new release of WalkieFleet!

Redundant Server

Increase your system reliability by setting up backup WalkieFleet server.

  • All Networks, users and groups are automatically replicated from master to backup server
  • All clients are automatically handover to backup server in case of failure of master one

OTAP (Over the Air Programming)

Remote control over all client settings from dispatch console.

  • Individual and bulk setting update
  • Application version control and upgrade


Geofencing allows tracking user entrance, leave and do speed control in geofence zones (polygons drawn on a map) in dispatch console.

KML Layers

Add custom KML Layers on Google map in dispatch console.

And More

  • External USB camera support for remote monitoring.
  • Support of Hytera PNC370 and PNC550 radios.
  • Support of Savox RSM-30 mic.
  • Small Screen mode. For devices having small screens.
  • Device Launcher. Application for quick startup of WalkieFleet on Android device. Especially useful for screenless devices.