torsdag, 19 september 2019 / Published in Arkiv
WalkieFleet 5.6 WalkieFleet API WalkieFleet API gives capability to develop 3rd party client applications. Being based on WebSocket, WallkieFleet API allows developing client applications on any platform (Web, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc). Emergency Functionality Emergency Profiles. Emergency profiles are added in the network settings window and define emergency signal settings. Emergency profile is assigned
onsdag, 31 juli 2019 / Published in Arkiv
CSG är ett av Länsstyrelsen auktoriserat bevakningsföretag. CSG verkar i hela Sverige med specialisering på kollektivtrafik, mänskliga flöden, handel och flygplatssäkerhet. CSG har ca 450 medarbetare och huvudkontor ligger i Stockholm och ägs av Keolis Sverige AB. CSG väljer Hytera PNC370 med Walkiefleet applikation och dispatch för kommunikation runt hela världen. Systemet kommer bland annat att
lördag, 20 juli 2019 / Published in Arkiv
Walkiefleet server was successfully responsible for the communication in the Amstel Gold Race, a well-known race for cyclists with international riders. The race took place on the 21 of April 2019 in the southeast of the Netherlands. 25 radio’s in use, coupled with 4 interfaces to the normal local VHF radios to expand the local communication
lördag, 20 juli 2019 / Published in Arkiv
To provide high-quality services, as well as the safety of drivers and passengers, taxi employees must be able to communicate reliably no matter what happens around them. WalkieFleet, a professional communication solution based on LTE and GSM, is a great addition to the taxi industry application. With WalkieFleet you can reach everyone instantly with the